1. Choosing Carpet: Synthetic Vs. Natural Fibers- Part 2

    At Carpet 4 Less, we want your home renovating project to proceed flawlessly. We don’t want you to get bogged down in indecision and feel like you don't know where to turn. We’re here to make this process easier instead of more difficult. That’s why we’re transparent about the things you nee…Read More

  2. Welcome To Our Blog!

    In this day and age, we have a lot to worry about. Are the bills paid? Does my home need any urgent renovations? Am I budgeting my money as well as I can? We can get so bogged down in trying to answer these questions, that we may forget about what matters most: finding the right companies to work on…Read More

  3. Choosing Carpet: Synthetic Vs. Natural Fibers

    Carpet is super effective at warming up a room and feeling great on your tootsies. It effectively holds heat, so your heater doesn’t have to work so hard, it makes the room feel more welcoming and if you’re making the decision to remodel, you could do worse than to start with the flooring in you…Read More